Rhinoplasty surgery is a sculpting surgery that refines all components of the nose artistry. You will look like yourself, only better! Beautiful noses are balanced to blend seamlessly with your face. The goal is to enhance your nose while maintaining your personal appearance. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery not only influences how you look but how you inwardly feel about yourself


MS ENT , Fellowship in Rhinoplasty
Consultant ENT Endoscopy & Rhinoplasty Surgeon
Visiting scholar in Dept of plastic surgery in Marien Hospital , Stuttgart, Germany
Visiting scholar, Shimmian Rhinoplasty clinic, Seoul, South Korea


The human perception of beauty is founded on the underlying principle of symmetry. A symmetrical face exhibits certain proportions is perceived as being more beautiful than one that does not exhibit symmetry. A disproportionate nose, too large, curved or crooked can undermine an otherwise attractive face.

How does it work and what material is used for Reconstruction ?

  • Depending on the patient’s facial profile a careful planning is done and discussed with the patient regarding what changes can be possibly made. Techniques for

  • Rhinoplasty are highly individualised and customised depending on each patient to match their needs. If there is any asymmetry, crookedness or a large bump that needs to be rectified, a certain amount of nose fracturing is required.

  • Absorbable PDS II Sutures are used to narrow certain areas of the nose, while fat is removed from some areas to provide a more pronounced look.

  • Artficial material like silicon, Sialastic, Metpore..etc. have famously failed and have potential risk of extrusion in nearly 60-70% cases. So the most recent trend in Rhinoplasty is to use only and only Autologous materials which have nearly 100% acceptable rate. In Primary cases i.e. where no previous surgery is done in past, carefully constructed cartilage grafts are taken from excess part of Deviated Nasal Septum and implanted under the nasal skin to provide more definition and dorsal after lines for more natural look. If a previous Nose surgery is done in past, this Septal Cartilage is unlikey to be available, so Conchal Cartilage i.e. Cartilage from behind the Ear can be used for this purpose.

Is Rhinoplasty Right For Me ?

Anyone who is self-conscious about his or her nose will find that rhinoplasty offers a newfound aura of confidence. The procedure can significantly enhance an individul’s facial appearance by creating a more balanced nose and an enhanced profile A rhinoplasty procedure is completely customized to uniquely complement each individual’s face, whether your desire is to remove a bump, taper a tip, or build up nasal depressions. After a careful analysis of your concems and medical history, Your doctor will help you decide if rhinoplasty can give you the results you desire.