Patil ENT Hospital

About Us

Patil ENT Hospital is an exclusive ENT centre providing tertiary care services for the ailments of Ear, Nose, Throat and Neck. This hospital was established in Belgaum, Karnataka in 2000 and clinic was started in Belgaum in January 2002. It is one of the few centers across Belgaum District that provides super-specialty treatment in the field of Otology and Neurotology. The centre has developed expertise in surgical and medical management of all types of Deafness and Vertigo, Allergy and Sinus Disease, Diseases of Facial Nerve, Diseases of Cerebellopontine angle like Posterior Cranial Fossa Tumors, Hemifacial Spasm and Trigeminal Neuralgia. All types of diagnostic and therapeutic surgical procedures are carried out with best in the class results.

Core Values

“No Compromise” when it comes to patient care (Dedication)
Lesser “Say Versus Do” gap in all our Commitments
Continuously excel with the help of education, innovation and technology Respect for our people and their possibilities and develop team spirit Honesty and Integrity – Being truthful to everyone and in everything we do.


To help people for Better Hearing (either by medical or surgical 

measure and Rehabilitation of The patients with Impaired hearing.


To create Gujarat’s number one ENT Hospital (By Volume Of Work)
To create India’s best ENT Institution with 50 beds 5 Operation
Theatre and 1000 Surgeries per month by  March 2020 and treats
maximum patients with ENT – related problems in world with best in class results.
Generate Greatest ENT Surgeons of next generation from our
institute and make them part of  our expansion plans Urgency in
making ENT Care a priority to everyone in our Ecosystem